The Story of Latitudes and Attitudes TV

The Story of Latitudes & Attitudes TV

It all started in April 2004, at the Pacific Strictly Sail show in Oakland, CA. Bob Bitchin and his friend Darren O’Brien were sitting listening to Eric Stone play, and were discussing the lack of good boating shows on TV. At the time Bob owned Latitudes & Attitudes Magazine, and Darren was doing “On The Water DVD’s” which was a quarterly DVD about the boating lifestyle.

During a break Eric came over and sat down, with Jake “Yellow Shoes” Diemer, and Eric’s drummer Gary Haas. In the next few minutes the show formed. We needed music, Eric said he would supply that. We needed a hostess. Gary’s daughter had just left Fox Sports as a show hostess, and we needed money, and Jake offered to help us get started.


One year later, April of 2005, the first show of Latitudes & Attitudes TV aired on The Men’s Channel, nationally. Over the next five years we moved from the Men’s Channel, to The Water Channel, to R&R TV, and finally to Versus and ION TV. After three years our hostess, Courtney Haas, got married, and we brought Zuzana Prochazka on as our hostess for seasons 4 & 5.


When Latitudes & Attitudes was sold, the TV show was shut down, and no new shows will be produced, but the old shows are still in syndication in such metropolitan centers as Kuwait, Romania and Bulgaria (no, really!)

And now, these shows are here for you and your friends to enjoy, absolutely free of charge and commercial free.

Please, tell your friends!!